What our clients say…

“I’ve worked on and off with AE for several years, and for my money they are the best photo simulators in the business. They are also very flexible, always working with my schedule, which sometimes can be fairly demanding. No doubt I’ll be utilizing their expertise on my next photo sims assignment.”

— Saundra Jacobs, REA

“Our company wanted to place a number of 60’ tall silos around our property, which the city of Chino wanted depicted in a series of photo sims. We called on Artistic Engineering to provide photo sims to fulfill the city’s requirements…Artistic Engineering came through with highly accurate results. We would definitely work with them again.”

— David Thomas, Envision Plastics

“Whenever we put together an approval package for a new cell tower, we automatically turn to Artistic Engineering for photo simulations. Their experience, quality and turnaround ensures that we can deliver timely solutions for our clients.”

— Jamie Hall, Channel Law Group

“I work for an engineering consulting firm in Vancouver, BC, Canada….I’m impressed at the level of realism in the photosims on your website. I am one the few people in our company who does photo simulations, and I was inspired by what I saw.”

— Andrew Alexander, CAD Designer, Morrison Hershfield

“Artistic Engineering did excellent work. Their photo simulations really helped us visualize the scope of the proposed project.”

— Warren Morelion, City of Chino Planning